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tel. stacjonarny: +48 61 66 90 687
e-mail: biuro@dystron.pl
od 7:00 do 15:00


Dział handlowy:
tel. + 48 515 454 372
e-mail: krydzek@dystron.pl

Dział zamówieniowy:
tel. + 48 515 545 946
e-mail: zamowienia@dystron.pl
od 7:00 do 15:00

Dział wsparcia technicznego:
tel. + 48 515 699 596
e-mail: serwis@dystron.pl
od 7:00 do 15:00



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ISE smart connect KNX Sonos
se smart connect KNX Sonos Controlling up to five Sonos master devices plus up to 25 slaves simply via the KNX– no longer a dream of th...
netto: 2 092,87 zł / szt.
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SET ISE smart connect KNX Vaillant
ise smart connect KNX Vaillant Together with the new multiMATIC controller, the ise smart connect KNX Vaillant offers the integration...
netto: 2 204,48 zł / szt.
ISE smart connect KNX Secure
se smart connect KNX Secure With the ise smart connect KNX Secure, KNX can be conveniently and safely accessed from anywhere around the...
netto: 2 425,48 zł / szt.
ISE smart connect KNX Hue
ise smart connect KNX Hue Starting now, the popular light system Philips Hue is also finally controllable via all KNX control elements....
netto: 1 651,98 zł / szt.
ISE smart app KNX Axis
ise smart app KNX Axis First KNX connection for Axis IP cameras worldwide Axis Communications offers a particularly wide and optimal...
netto: 546,98 zł / szt.
Technical data Rated voltage: DC 24 V to 30 V Power consumption: 2 W IP communication: Ethernet 10...
netto: 1 480,70 zł / szt.